The Top of the Mountain

Can you see my grin? I am on the peak of Gold Butte, one of three of the Sweet Grass Hills in Montana, rising more than 3,000 feet above the surrounding plains. Gold Butte has an elevation of 6,512 feet. This picture is another “happy” place picture placed on my dresser so I can see it every morning as I awake.

It’s a three hour climb over slippery shale rocks to the top of the cone. It becomes steep near the summit. The game trails that our group tried to follow with the guidance of George Henline criss-crossed and led us upwards. I grew up living below the shadow of these hills on the Alberta side. When travelling home they are visible from 50-100 miles depending on the weather and can be seen as far away as the Crowsnest Highway near Medicine Hat, Alberta. There is nothing in the way to block to view of these volcanic remnants. They are also called the Hills of Home. The view from the top is simply incredible. One can see literally for miles and miles and understand the beauty of the wide open spaces. This was a bucket list dream to accomplish; I know my footprints were there.

Yeah though I walk through many low valleys with my MS I have also climbed to the mountain peaks. So I tell me myself as I have another relapse you can do this girl: you can climb up once more and this picture is my encouragement.

The picture frame won at our county fair in the category of Reduce, Recyle and Reuse. A map of the area was used to make the frame.

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