Sometimes One Just Keeps Searching A New Discovery for Martin Miller

I have chosen this story of the ancestors for my 100th blog. At the time of writing Martin Miller: On Grief and Abandonment blog, I despaired of finding and almost gave up the search. Never give up the search!

Garrett Miller my 6th great grandfather had ten children, of whom nine married. Here’s my new research! found in a book published by Global Heritage Press Inc: 2005 original by Reverend Bowman Tucker, “The Romance of the Palatine Millers, a Tale of Palatine Irish-Americans and United Empire Loyalists, 1929. One can find the entire book in digitalized form on the web.

Remember Martin, went to Halifax, where he lived with Uncle Jacob; joined the army, deserted, Uncle Jacob paid his fine three times and he ran away. When an old man he returned to Ernestown and lived at Ebenezer camp ground. He died in 1834-40, in Napanee, so although his father had died, Elizabeth his step mother was still alive until 1837. It gladdens my heart to know he came “home”. His children and descendants are scattered in the US and Canada. A grandson, Robert Miller, was an itinerant preacher for three years but decided the ministry was much work and little pay. He settled to farming and was a local preacher. It was said he was a splendid old gentlemen, much respected. I’ve added his three children to my tree: Edgar Ethelbert Miller 1868, at Snowflake, Manitoba, Mrs. John Wesley Rundle (Annie Roseina Miller, La Riviere, Manitoba and Heazon (later spelled Hezron) Robert Miller Aurora Ontario. March 10, 1908 in the Daily Witness Paper at Snowflake, Manitoba reads “The splendid house and outbuildings of Robert Miller burned yesterday with entire contents. The family were not home at the time.”

Robert Miller at Snowflake, Manitoba
Annie Roseina Miller married 1873-1962 married John Wesley Rundle homesteaded near Edmonton

Hezron called H.R Miller homesteaded twice. He was born in Columbas, Ontario, served a cabinet-making apprentice. In 1876 he homesteaded at Snowflake, Manitoba and retired. He sold this farm in 1902 and by 1907 homesteaded again near Lloydminster, Alberta. He farmed another 10 years, till retiring into Edmonton in 1917.

A cousin of Robert Miller, Anson Walt Young of Montreal, (grandson of Catherine, Martin, Garrett Miller) principal of the Sir George Williams College, Montreal, with the YMCA, born to the late Jacob Young, UEL. Anson founded the Mount Royal Business College at Montreal.

2. Michael Miller married Margaret Empey children Thomas, Averil, Fletcher, John and George, Ann and Elizabeth This branch gave no preacher to the church but served in an honorable capacity. John S Miller was an efficient member of parliament, representing the county of Addington, Ontario.

3. Rebecca, my 5th great grandmother, born 1774 and died 1869 living to ninety five years notwithstanding war and pioneer work. Buried in the Switzerville cemetery. Her husband, Charles Bush was also a loyalist. Of 6 children 3 have descendents. William in Philadelphia, Mary Ann Buss who married Wilson of Selby and Julia A married Benjamin Clarke.

My connection is through Mary Ann wife of James Wilson. The story of Methodism in the neighborhood of Selby gives the Wilson family a large share in the success which it has achieved. The young men are identified with the Sunday schools, young people’s societies and official work of the Methodist church where they lived.

Julie Ann sister to Mary Bush Wilson married Benjamin Clarke. 6 generations influenced the church. Nelson Clarke enter the ministry in the US. Three Methodist ministers Rev Rowson, Rev Hughs and Rev John Williams who married a grand daughter of Rebecca’s was of outstanding character, splendid physique, high mental attainments, deep spirituality, loved as a preacher and toilsome worker was superintendent of the Methodist Church.

4. Peter Miller1776-1847 named a son after famous early evangelist, Calvin Wooster. Daughter of Calvin, Margaret married Rev William McDonagh served 45 years and secretary and president of conference. Another son Charles, his daughter Emily Emma Miller married Rev Jacob Freshman and worked among the Jews of New York. He wrote the book “The Jews and the Israelites, their Religion, Philosophy, Traditions and Literature, 1870

5. Agnes Miller 1779-1807 maried John Dougall of Picton, Ontario. daughter Agnes married David Stevenson, M.P. of Picton.

6. William Miller 1783-1863. 9 children: Cephas Miller well known esteemed in Newburgh Methodist Church, made sure preachers got their wages; had merchant success, son William H was auditor for city of Kingston; daughter married Dr. J. C. Berkley; Augusta married Hon Senator Sir Allan A. Aylesworth, distinguished as one of Canada’s greatest lawyers, Minister of Justice in Canadian government. The couple were entertained at the White House by President Roosevelt. A son George refused an early call to enter the ministry. He was successful in commerce enterprises but suffered fire and flood losses. He attributed his misfortunes to punishment for refusing the call to preach and did so. Julia Ann married Rev J.B. Aylesworth MD minister; Elizabeth married D.B. Stickney manufacturer of Newburgh

7. Garrett Miller Jr. 1786-1863 m Nancy Foster. To encourage the Loyalists, grants of land were made of two hundred acres to all sons 21 and over and to daughters who married under 21. Garrett Jr. located where the village of Strathcona stands. As his cousin Captain Charles Miller at St. Armand had built a stone house, so to did Garrett Jr. large. Sorrow came by the drowning of the two oldest children. He and his wife, with a babe in arms would walk to Switzerville chapel, the furthest away of all the Millers.

Children: William Wesley Miller minister 1856-1889 gave church his property before entering the ministry. Peter farmed, treasurer of the church. William and Peter gave the land and quarried the stone for the attractive Gothic church and ample grounds given to the Methodist Church at Napanee Mills; Agnes married Archibald McKim, 2 daughters joined the ministry: Emily married Rev W. J. Young; Mary married Rev B. F. Lewis ministered in Chicago.

8. Elizabeth 1788-1871 married David Perry preacher from a respectful Methodist family. On his farm was built the first church in Newburgh.

9. John 1790-1864 m Nancy Neville 10 children daughter married Doctor, Anthony married I McFee ministry in Michigan, son Aaron minister 1850.

I am ever grateful to those who researched and preserved the stories of these my relatives, so that now I have closure on the story of Uncle Martin Miller. Well done Garrett and Elizabeth Switzer Miller my 6th great grandfathers.

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