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4% Of My DNA

He wanted something impossible. He wanted his freedom. The owners of his soul agreed and he raised the money to buy his emancipation only to turn the money over not once but twice and have them laugh in his face. He continued to do the hard thing never admitting defeat and he won. One canContinue reading “4% Of My DNA”

The Adversities of Elizabeth Stockley Sidbury Bishop 1689-1755

There had been storms off the Atlantic Ocean all her life but the one of 1752 was severe, a sustained 75 miles per hour tropical cyclone that also would reshape the community. Elizabeth, as matriarch, watched as Sarah her daughter-in-law shushed the children Moses 12, Comfort 10, and George 6. Sarah’s husband James Sidbury, andContinue reading “The Adversities of Elizabeth Stockley Sidbury Bishop 1689-1755”

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