Miles Samuel Miller 1849-1928

Miles Samuel is my DNA confirmed 3rd cousin 2x removed son of Miles Miller son of Josiah H. Miller His father was also named Miles Miller. Miles the father marched from Council Bluff, Iowa to California during the Mexico War, 2000 miles. After he rejoined his exiled family of Josiah and Amanda Miller, at SaltContinue reading “Miles Samuel Miller 1849-1928”

Harriet Miller Burns Woodbury

Harriet’s death notice was in the Deseret News Paper on May 20, 1893, burial Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake, Utah Plot C_8_4. It lists her as the wife of Thomas H. Woodbury, Sen., (1822-1899) daughter of Josiah and Amanda Morgan Miller, born January 19, 1823 in Clarington, Genesee County, New York. Harriet died MayContinue reading “Harriet Miller Burns Woodbury”

Miles Miller Mexican War

Part 1 1846, the longest march in infantry history took place. The orders were to march to California through New Mexico and Arizona, ostensibly to bolster the U.S. military presence in what would become the southwestern United States—California in particular—during the war against Mexico. Daniel, 25 and Miles Miller, 27, brothers and the sons ofContinue reading “Miles Miller Mexican War”

Captain of the Fifth Ten

At Nauvoo, Illinois The mob of gun-wielding men swept in unannounced in the camp. Amid jostling tents, they screamed invectives at the trekkers and then burned down the temple. Once again the people fled. Babies were buried beside the trail, as oxen pulled wagons continued on. At Winter Quarters, Nebraska # 9 on the mapContinue reading “Captain of the Fifth Ten”

Clarissa Amanda

Part 2 In January, 1854, Israel Hoyt was elected Captain of a company of the Juab District of the Nauvoo Legion. He received his commission in June 1855 when General Wells established headquarters in Echo Canyon to prevent Johnston’s army from entering the Lake valley. In 1856, the newly formed Republican Party had campaigned againstContinue reading “Clarissa Amanda”

The Battle of the Bulls

Curiosity made them turn. The brutes flung their heads, sniffed the air. They’d been grazing among the four foot cane grass that grew along the stream. Their home was upon the bluffs of the San Pedro River. The first peoples in this San Pedro Valley were the Clovis who hunted mammoth 10,000 years ago. ThreeContinue reading “The Battle of the Bulls”

Daniel Morgan Miller

part 2 Daniel Morgan Miller is my 2nd cousin 3 x removed on my mother’s side with DNA matches back to Blair and Barnett. Daniel thought he might die when marching with the Battalion and no water was found. Daniel thought he might die under the administrations of the United States army when forced toContinue reading “Daniel Morgan Miller”

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