Hushed Conversations: Bev, Babbs, Beulah

My Dad and older sister disappeared down the dusty gravel road one summer day in 1967. My nose was a little out of joint, I wasn’t asked along. They hadn’t returned by evening. My cool sheets were a relief from the heat of the day and I slept. I heard my mother’s slippers slap theContinue reading “Hushed Conversations: Bev, Babbs, Beulah”

Uncle Peter Miller

Peter Miller was brother to my 6th great grandfather Garrett and Jacob Miller the privateer. All fought in the Revolutionary War for the United Empire Loyalists and were awarded land. The following notes on his life were found in a book published 1929, by Tucker W. Bowman. The romance of the Palatine Millers: a taleContinue reading “Uncle Peter Miller”

Sometimes One Just Keeps Searching A New Discovery for Martin Miller

I have chosen this story of the ancestors for my 100th blog. At the time of writing Martin Miller: On Grief and Abandonment blog, I despaired of finding and almost gave up the search. Never give up the search! Garrett Miller my 6th great grandfather had ten children, of whom nine married. Here’s my newContinue reading “Sometimes One Just Keeps Searching A New Discovery for Martin Miller”

Thin Ice

Elizabeth Simcoe travelled to the Bay of Quinte with her husband, the Governor of Ontario. John Graves Simcoe was governor of Upper Canada, 1791-1796. He is known for founding York (Toronto), courts of law, trial by jury, freehold land tenure and abolition of slavery in Canada. In her diary she describes how the people areContinue reading “Thin Ice”

Get Me to the Church Before Noon, A Wedding, 1802

47 years ago today, I said I do. My sister was by my side as bridesmaid. My Great Grandmother Rebecca Miller Bush was witness to her brother’s wedding on August 3, 1802. Google tells me it was a Wednesday. I don’t know much about her life, except a google search also tells me she wasContinue reading “Get Me to the Church Before Noon, A Wedding, 1802”

Hay Bay Camp Meeting

Old Hay Bay Church was built by the United Empire Loyalists in 1792. It is the oldest Methodist Church in Canada. Camp meetings were innovated by Baptists and Presbyterians and held revivals in the US in the early 1790’s. Reverend Nathan Bangs a circuit rider in the Loyalist settlements along the Bay of Quinte organizedContinue reading “Hay Bay Camp Meeting”

Softened At the Edges with a Spine of Steel

These are the women of my maternal ancestry. Sophia left a slave plantation and husband in North Carolina with six kids and moved to Texas during the Apache Wars. Her daughter Emily married a Civil War Union soldier, watched her husband rush during the Oklahoma Land Rush and homesteaded at Manyberries, Alberta. Emily buried herContinue reading “Softened At the Edges with a Spine of Steel”

Saddle Bag Preacher

The Reverend Nathan Bangs Anticipation! That is what Garrett and Elizabeth Miller and family were feeling this day in 1805. A young Garrett Jr. would rush to take the saddled horse to stable and feed the animal then hurry inside their log home 12 x 16 feet, to watch their mother add more water toContinue reading “Saddle Bag Preacher”

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