From England to Plymouth From Farmers to Presidents

How do I choose my blogging subjects? This one started with a name Wendy Jean, my 10th cousin, who shares my name which led to the research. It’s been a year today since “That’s a Bad Thing, Right” happened and was blogged This Wendy Jean also fought a battle with lung cancer and lost in 2019. I wish I could have known her but her tree led me back to Edward Bangs, my great grandfather. His journey leaving England took 3 tries, the boat kept leaking but he was brave enough to leave the shore three times to come to America.

I reflect on Edward Bangs often in my own journey and happy he safely made it to the shores of America. My journey this last year has also led me through a cancer diagnosis to safety.

Edward Bangs tree took me to find my 5 th great grandmother, Keziah Atwood Gibbs and Wendy Jean led me to both President George Walker Bush and President George Bush who would be 10th cousins and 10th 1 x removed. There is a very rich and diverse history to explore in these 10 generations that share a strand of DNA from Edward Bangs. We each have a journey through life: I a farmer’s daughter, they the Presidents of the United States. History would be written differently if Edward Bangs hadn’t left that shore. RIP Wendy Jean, I’m glad I researched you.

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