The Story of Patience Rose

Patience Rose was grafted into my family tree. She would marry Philip Switzer, the uncle that lifted little Rebecca Switzer, my 5th great grandmother, Rebecca Miller, onto his saddle for a three hundred mile trip through the forests of New York to Quebec. Canada. With their marriage, when she was 22 and Phillip 27, IContinue reading “The Story of Patience Rose”

I’ll Be Home By

Two questions I ask today. Did you ever say, “I’ll be home by” such as I’ll be home before supper or I’ll be home before you know it. And the second question: “Did anyone come into your life that changed it completely, and you took a different path than what your vision of your futureContinue reading “I’ll Be Home By”

Changing The Course of History (Part 3)

“I need a volunteer” requested Sergeant Isaac Gibbs of the 1st New Hampshire Regiment. His brother, Joshua, was quick to step forward. “What, Sergeant?” The Baron is busy today and needs Azor taken for his exercise. A grin creased the unshaven jaw of Joshua Gibbs. He’d known what the volunteer job of the day wasContinue reading “Changing The Course of History (Part 3)”

Changing the Course of History Part 2 Mutiny

“Where you going”? Home” came the answer! George Washington was the commander of the entire Continental Army. Conditions for the army were deplorable. He wrote many letters citing the corruptions and lack of concern on the part of state governments and the part the Continental Congress played in fostering the poor conditions. There were manyContinue reading “Changing the Course of History Part 2 Mutiny”

Pieces of the Puzzle

Dear Keziah, my 5th great grandmother; thank-you this week for more pieces of the puzzle. It’s because of you this whole blogging thing started and I’m hearing from cousins through email and Facebook. I also pinned on my poppy this week in memory of those that sacrificed for my freedoms and to celebrate Remembrance Day.Continue reading “Pieces of the Puzzle”

That’s A Bad Thing, Right?

And the Battle of Bennington, New Hampshire On December 17, 2019 I fell down 6 steps accidentally and broke my clavicle. That’s a bad thing right? No it was a good thing. In the process of spending 9 days in the hospital over Christmas the doctors discovered a rare atypical canceroid tumor in my leftContinue reading “That’s A Bad Thing, Right?”

The Letter

Call Out the Angels! This piece is called “The Sad Angel” glass mosaic art by Wendy Harty. The three of us sisters call out the angels often for each other, whether for an illness, a storm, or in support of our families. I made each sister a glass angel with wings outspread so the angelContinue reading “The Letter”

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